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Madison Inouye

Unveiling Words of Bleeding Heart

Unveiling Words of Bleeding Heart

written by: Mahfuz Al-Hossain


As sad news are surging in nowadays
like mighty inflows of flash flood water
through the damaged sluice gate
resulting in bleeding hearts
those can’t express anything literally

Thinking illiterate -oh no you’re guilty of
unjustified generalisation
Better send request for academic records
Open up sealed pack envelope
directly sent to you by
Dean Psycho- semiotic School of
Emotional Studies
And find there detailed transcripts having
Corroborative evidence in support of
Study of language with lub dub phonetics

Fact remains elsewhere
Grief struck grey alphabets are encrypted first
and saved in cloud spaces
of neurons within nanoseconds
and kept in quarantine
with multiple level passwords

Decoding of those letters
are extremely dangerous
In presence of sympathetic
virus it may cause
uncontrollable weeping
and intermittent shedding of tears

Hello well groomed news -presenters
Be aeronautical and extra -cautious
before your final flight of words
reaching out arterial runways very fast

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