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Vanishing Point

Vanishing Point

written by: PYG’s Whisper



Sometimes we talk without thinking
Sometimes we give without counting
And sometimes we wait for something that’s only skin deep,
Love is beautiful that’s what novels say
Love is painful that’s what my core felt
But between my pain and their beauty, there’s a huge mountain
A thorny path that we had to cross
I’m not ready for love
I don’t really know if it’s a silly excuse that I’m giving you to push you away
Or my heart’s still stuck in the same sick highway that leads nowhere
What can I do if my depth is worn out?
What would you do to these unhealed scars?
I’m so tired lost in this moment collecting sores and regrets
I want to cry but there’s a drought in my eyes
I want to escape but I have no place to go
I wish I could erase him from the story of my life
I need to move on and live with you another fairy tale
But why it’s always easy to be caged in love’s town
And it’s so damn hard to break its walls down
The more you hold onto me the more I feel chocked
You say you will save me but why your presence makes me scared
The feeling you gave me was so strong
That my heart couldn’t absorb
And it threatened his memories that I’m treasuring within my bones
Don’t touch my body where he used to do
Don’t try to kiss me the way he used to do
I said I’m not ready for love?
Cos I’m still living under his canvas
And I do believe we still move in the same exalted circles
Since we’re alive
There’s never a vanishing point
To what we’ve started
When we were rolling the same league
Loving so legit

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