Serial Soulmate (GAP), a poem by Qeirnin at
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Serial Soulmate (GAP)

Serial Soulmate (GAP)

written by: Qeirnin



My body rotted
And decayed that day
Just so you could mold me
into a deranged version of you.

I let you use me
In any way your heart desired.
You’d set my rotting body
On fire- piercing through
Any false idea I had made of myself for you.

I bled my bones dry for you
But you wanted everything else too.
I let you take my skeleton
And scatter the pieces so far apart
You couldn’t remember
Where each piece-was.

You drank away my soul
As I sang beautiful songs to you
And as my skin melted away
You told me you loved me –
Knowing I’d believe you.

But just because you stole my soul from me-
Doesn’t mean we’re soulmates.
Fickle fractured love – is not fate.

You’d lure me in with beautiful lies
Then push me off the mountain you made for me.
And I would climb mountains for you,
But you knew that – didn’t you.

The last time you pushed me off
I laid at the bottom
For so long – flowers began to bloom
From my ribs and my organs
While the stars shined during the day-time.

I finally took one last look
At your silly little mountain
And decided not to climb.
I’d rather lie among the flowers – and swim in the stars,
Than ever love someone like you, again.

But even having said that-
I don’t regret climbing so many times
Or falling either.
Because now I’m made of
Flowers and stars-
Not, of you.

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