Voices written by Phyllis P. Colucci at Spillwords.com


written by: Phyllis P. Colucci



Rosalie was numb. She thought to herself, “Could I be going crazy? Am I suffering from schizophrenia?” Maria and Franco also looked surprised. Rosalie caught Maria and Franco glancing at each other. Could they possibly be wondering the same thing, that Rosalie was going crazy. Rosalie, suddenly in tears, blurted out, “So what does this mean Ms. Price? Am I crazy? Am I imagining these voices? Is this all in my head? What are you sensing Ms. Price?” Franco put his arms around Rosalie and hugged her tightly from behind. Maria patted Rosalie’s shoulder.

Ms. Price, showing an unusually sensitive side, took Rosalie’s hand and said, “You are not going crazy my dear. I said I am not picking up any negative energy, but I am picking up something. I must ask you this, however – Have both your parents passed?” Rosalie nodded in the affirmative. “Well dear, coming forward are two elderly people. One is an attractive woman with gray hair and of short stature who is quite feisty and eager to speak. Alongside her is a tall handsome gentleman, who is very well dressed, wearing a fedora on his head, also eager to come through.” Rosalie looked a bit spooked, but replied that the two elderly people Ms. Price described as coming through to her seem to be her parents. Ms. Price described them to perfection. Rosalie further stated to Ms. Price that she was in shock that they would even present themselves to Ms. Price, because both her parents kept to themselves pretty much and she couldn’t believe that they would actually come forward to a stranger.

Ms. Price explained to Rosalie that in the spirit world there are times when our loved ones want and need to reach out to us. She stressed that they seek to connect with the living through someone like herself, a psychic medium. At this moment Ms. Price had Rosalie’s, Franco’s and Maria’s undivided attention as she continued to bring forth a message from both Rosalie’s parents. “It is a dire warning my dear. They are showing me images that someone close to you Rosalie is trying to come between you and your partner Franco. You must make yourself aware of this and look at your friends and acquaintances. Be very much aware of who you associate with dear. It seems your parents strongly feel someone is trying to hurt you and will go to any extreme to do this. Heed their warning and know that this is their way of coming through and letting you know that they are watching over you at all times. They are with you dear and wish to protect you. Perhaps your nerves are on edge and what you are hearing in the cellar is nothing more than your fear and imagination. Please take time for yourself and relax your mind and body. Take some yoga classes, learn to meditate. Clear your head dear. Calm your mind and focus on this warning from your parents. I am sure that in due time it will all make sense. I will pray for you dear. I did sweep the cellar with burning sage in order to keep it peaceful and calm for you, so do not concern yourself about anything negative there. Feel free to go down to that cellar at any time, it is quite safe. You have my word and my expertise that all is well down there. That is your space, part of your home. Enjoy it without fear. Good luck dear. I must leave, I am pressed for time.” Ms. Price gently tapped Rosalie’s hand, then summoned Franco to show her out.


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“Voices” is a work of adult fiction (mystery, suspense, friendship, betrayal, romance).