Was: Us, a poem written by Seia at Spillwords.com
Clarisse Kyra Caguioa

Was: Us

Was: Us

written by: Seia


I am sleeping soundly under your fragrant flowers,
Please bury me and your sorrow six feet under,
Do not fret, for I am safe and at peace,
Do not cry, my love for you will never cease.

I will dry your tears with the Earth’s breeze;
Feel my presence- I am one with the wind,
I will provide you warmth with the sun rays-
May it give you comfort during your wintry days.

Why are you apologizing, my dearest?
Never carry your faults that you did to me,
Lift your head up,
For I forgave you already.

Instead, show me your smile one last time,
I shall carry it with me as I fly to the skies,
And you shall feel me smiling back
Through the beaming indigo heavens.

It is now my time to go,
I was truly happy with you,
Embark now on your new journey without me
May my love reach you through this poetry.

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