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Swift Across The Sky

Swift Across The Sky

written by: James Dennis Casey IV



Things are changing
In our walk of life
The black collar beasts
Riding iron horses
With space jockey blues
In gloomy skies
With a flash of lightning
Behind the mountains

But it isn’t dark
Some of the strong
Still linger
So the hunt is on
Because stolen souls
Still shine
In the clutches
Of a false healer

He lives high
In the clouds
With glass animals
Made of stars
That do his bidding
Spinning toxic lies above
Our sacred world

Soon the dawn
Will take the hand
Of goodbye angels
Leading them to battle
With the tyrant
That fooled us all
Changing the eyes
To make the puzzle
Whole once more

Awaiting our chance
We beasts will rise
Swift across the sky
With man of war hammers
Shattering his animal
Bringing peace
To the mountain’s
Faithful inhabitants
Bringing an end
To this reign of terror

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