Watching You Fade-Away, poetry by Raymond Favour at
Caleb George

Watching You Fade-Away

Watching You Fade-Away

written by: Raymond Favour


Our friendship gently ebbed away,
Like a ship caught in the waves.
And now, in the blink of an eye, we pass by each other like strangers in the marketplace.

Unnoticed, we shrink away gently so that our brains barely remember we exist.
Time indeed is a strong weapon that breaks even the strongest of friends.

My heart is so numb, that it barely survives cold nights.
And now that our friendship is a ceramic that has kissed the concrete.
I am a pendulum dangling in the ocean of grief.

Each time I try to start afresh,
The air smells of your perfume
so instead, I’ll find solace in pen bleeding my pain upon this white sheet. All for you my friend.

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