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What If?

What If?

written by: L.M. Giannone



What if time stood still
And nothing ever changed
If no one ever touched us
And we remained the same

What if the sun never set
And the moon never rise
Would the tides remain still
And nothing ever die

What if we could hide ourselves
And hibernate in space
With only our arms around us
Wrapped in warm embrace

What if karma was more kind
From burden we’d be free
What if those who kept us down
Relented and let us be

What if we weren’t actors
Playing parts in this grand play
What if we didn’t stay on script
And ad-libbed our own way

What if we weren’t pawns
In this stalemated chess game
What if we were a Monet painting
Unrestricted from canvas and frame

What if we had all the time in the world
And we knew what everything was for
All those could haves, should haves, and might have beens
Wouldn’t matter anymore

What if we had met sooner or later
What if we’d never met at all
What would we be like now?
If we didn’t rise or fall

What if we altered destiny’s plan
And broke free from its cosmic force
Yank away from fate and gravity
And put ourselves on a new course

What if the wind was always at our backs
And the sun always shone in our face
Like two graceful birds gliding across the sky
Let’s take flight and leave this place

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