What if God..., a poem by Aparna J at Spilwords.com

What if God…

What if God…

written by: Aparna J



What if God decided to take a break?
And thousands of prayers are left unheard.
What if He started taking vacations?
Ignoring pleas and requests unanswered.

Have we ever thought of expressing our gratitude?
To the Supreme Power for working Relentlessly.
Despite our showing attitude,
He is working for our welfare endlessly.

What if God decided to go on a strike?
Refusing to oblige us until we obey His Commands,
And order us for a Prayer hike,
And compel us to give in to His Demands.

What if God started throwing tantrums?
Refusing to listen to our chanting His name,
I guess the world would be in doldrums.
And the universe wouldn’t be the same.

What if God starts blaming us,
For causing Him endless troubles?
Chaos will rule the world, creating ruckus.
And human anxiety doubles.

Be grateful to Him for He forgives us
For all our past sins and transgressions.
He sacrificed His Son, Jesus.
To give us Eternal Life and salvation.

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