Echoes of Love: A Poetic Journey, poetry by Aparna J at

Echoes of Love: A Poetic Journey

Echoes of Love

A Poetic Journey

written by: Aparna J



When two hearts are entwined, pure love gleeds,
Igniting the flame of passion to satiate each other’s needs.
Pangs of momentary separation make the nights more caliginous.
What to speak of the joy derived from the lovers’ rendezvous!

A euphoric feeling takes over when the lovers reunite after separation.
This heartwarming scene paves the way for poetic inspiration.
They attain the heights of ecstasy when their hearts and souls conflate.
Seldom do they care about the rest of the world in their hypnotic state.

Love transcends the heaven and the earth.
It thrives among all life forms ever since their births.
Love isn’t only about physical intimacy or lust.
Love blooms in the garden of hearts, nurtured by care, sacrifice, respect, and trust.

Blessed are those couples who find their true soulmates.
And get married, instead of ditching each other after a couple of dates.
We all yearn for a fairytale romance,
And pine for hugs, kisses, songs, and dance.

Not all love stories culminate in matrimony.
Some bear the brunt of time and stay hidden like a forgotten symphony.
Yet, being in love is a feeling profound.
Genuine love spreads happiness all around.

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