Someday, a poem by Joyce Mary J at
Aberrant Realities



written by: Joyce Mary J



Lying in the dark,
Clenching my fist making it mark,
I asked myself, “why does it hurt so much?
That even the cold nights can make me drench!”

No one said that true love would be easy,
Like a satin dress which fits well but all creasy,
Your love snuggles to my body,
True love is what you embody.

So, I said to myself,
Love is not something that should be kept in shelf,
It is a feeling that I need to express,
That someday our love will be a success.

Someday, we will lock our eyes again,
Someday, there will be no loss but only gain,
Someday, we will start our journey with no barriers to cease,
Someday, our love will find the peace.

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