When I Amass Words written by Geovanni Villafañe at Spillwords.com

When I Amass Words

When I Amass Words

written by: Geovanni Villafañe



When I Amass Words
To Unfurl On The World,
It’s A Treasure Trove
Of Unlocked Knowledge
Purposefully Gathered
And Divinely Inspired
With A Yearn To Be Heard!
From The Farthest
Reaches Of This
Wondrous Universe
To The Smallest Corner
We Faithfully Traverse,
One Is Destined To Question
Those Very Insightful Terms.
What Are Knowledgeable
Words Worth,
If You Haven’t
Taken The Time
To Build Up The Wisdom
Through Truthful Works!
Alas, A Humbleness Powered
Through Efforts In Error
Knowing What It Took
To Learn From The Burn!
That Wisdom That’s Been
Wonderfully Gained, Gives
You Presence Of Mind
To Define Those
Hard Earned Words.

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