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written by: L.M.Giannone



How long will it be before my heart will beat again?
When will this blue blood stop coursing through my veins?
This arrhythmic pulse grows weary

When will I be able to hear a song
Read a passage
Or breathe without thinking of you
Wondering if you’re okay
If you miss me as much as I miss you

When will I stop seeing you on busy sidewalks
In stairwells
On subways
Or in my dreams?

When will I be able to tune out your voice
Echoing through the space between my ears?
When will your soul unoccupy my heart
Allowing room for someone else?

Our conversations keep replaying in my head
Like a record needle stuck in a worn-out groove
Faint glimpses of a spectre that won’t stop haunting me
Torturing and taunting me
Memories that won’t set me free
Stopping me cold in my tracks

If I can still smell you
Taste you
And touch you
Then why do I still feel so numb?

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