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Who Am I?

Who Am I?  

written by: Sallon Lepcha


I was wondering about me,
Thinking of my very being.
One question ran in my mind,
I was asking myself, Who am I?

Then I closed my eyes,
In my own questions, I baptized.
I started looking at myself,
Found out I was turning into an elf.

My existence started to hurt.
Looking for the answers were worst.
Nothing belonged to me of this world
Slowly, surviving became dull.

Nothing have I achieved as I,
Everything is out of desire.
Is “I” a collection of different organs?
Or just a quantum of thoughts?

Lost and stranded, I gaze at the sky,
We feel connected ‘coz of the dust that reside.
Am I as star that died someday
Or am I just a wanderer in time and space?

Is “I” a reality or just an illusion?
Will it change, when the eyes open?
Some say, we’re children of God
& some say, monkeys our ancestors.

Labelled as human being,
Empowered from within.
Still money is above everything,
Replacing the basics of living.

Am I someone who lived before
Or am I still yet to come?
Living and dying with every breath,
What is the source that creates?

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