Who KNows?, poetry by Gerry Stefanson at Spillwords.com
Ralph Nas

Who Knows?

Who Knows?

written by: Gerry Stefanson



the always question – so what is love
is there a love scale
is there a love thermometer
is there a love metoprolol (less side effects).

the other always question – so where is love
under a special moon
under a blanket in a car
under a very wonderful star (more movie or pop).

the forever question – so when is love
as a blushing teen
as a maturing blind date
as at a twentieth anniversary (requires still being together).

the biggest question – so why is love
ask a device
ask a giddy teen
ask a couple who still blush, (smile and wink).

happy valentines to all lovers
who never ask when
who never question or have
who always have a reason to blush (no brackets required).

Poets Note – of course, you have something else to attend to.



Metoprolol is a heart medication, affects size, rate and so on. Works well on Grinches and re’luck’tent lovers, poetically speaking of course. This is not medical advice – eh!

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