Wood and Wire, a poem written by Xavier Pimentel at Spillwords.com
Mathew Schwartz

Wood and Wire

Wood and Wire

written by: Xavier Pimentel


The smell of paint and turpentine
Fills my brain with sun and shine
Like a brandy or a rum
Making me feel loose and numb

I take a peel both sweet and sour
And while away the lazy hour
In a sunshine orange and bright
Making me feel just alright

I chip away the wood and wire
And drink my liquid molten fire
And think there is no other way
To spend the minutes of my day

Drinking till I’m drunk and red
And the sun has gone to bed
Filled with fire and liquor too
With a mouth of rye and rue

But in the drink I can’t forget
The taste of your red lips on mine
That’s why I eat with a regret
With loneliness and turpentine

If only you were here with me
To drink our problems into stone
Isn’t it a tragedy
That I must spend the day alone

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