We Charming Men, a poem by Scott Cumming at Spillwords.com
Kajetan Sumila

We Charming Men

We Charming Men

written by: Scott Cumming



Our dirty hearts yearn for love
swaying to your cover song strum
I love my drunk buddies
we charming men
hit the dance floor
after the quiz prize money
burned a hole through the bar
that knowledge that few discerned
does nothing to disarm
those of the fairer kind
Never forget the day Take That split up
repeat ad nauseum
until you’re sick of it
aftertaste worse than those cosmopolitans

Our moves fill the room
create our own mood
devoid of cool
slow hands
bass drum feet
Thursday nights
turn to sick day plights
Hard not to smile
at you pretending to be my dad
saving me from the work drunk dial

Another Thursday
years down the line
I look to the stage
recognise only your voice
hair turned grey
oh, how we’ve aged
memories decayed
a struggle to find a specific few
to conjure your ghostly form
on the once hallowed dance floor

That song you loved
plays at a hum
underneath voices
miss feeling so carefree
miss nights
making our own delights
we charming men.

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