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Words Collide

Words Collide

written by: Cailey Tarriane



They say, how do you know you’re right
if no one else believes
some days I explain, through a pen, a sheet of paper
To boost the little voice that knows the part of me that deserves a life,
to enlighten,
to cause trouble.

They don’t know,
some days it believes otherwise,
when this part
is broken, and weak
your words work,

I could have thick skin,
Rarely now the point of it is seen
they’re out for blood, where thickness or size is all the same.

They don’t know,
Their taunts to the masked shell of a person,
with an unfavoured truth inside them,
make this shelled person wonder, if their internal belief
should only remain internal.

They don’t know,
The moon is observed by me
Until it watches the sun in the morning sky, no sleep
they’re wishing to be together, as

I wish me and her were pulled away sooner,
My voice radiates like the sun rays on a golden day
yet on those clear days, apart from the empty sky,
the sun is left alone,
with no one.

How am I supposed to believe me,
When their worries and mine, about me, they
collide sometimes.

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