Yes, We Still Can! at

Yes, We Still Can!

Yes, We Still Can!

written by: Leo Lavallee



~ how can I stand by ~ and watch u.s. so divided ~ and not do something ~
~ here is one man’s voice ~ one way to make a difference ~ my humble message ~


~ this is what I’d like ~ for us to be thinking now ~ as we cast our votes;


~ how do we make our ~ country safer to live in? ~ a home with real peace
~ how do we support ~ change that will grow our country? ~ growth that raises all
~ how do we make a ~ world safer for our children? ~ a world free from fear

~ how do we confront ~ the hate that still divides us? ~ our inner demons
~ how do we change our ~ thinking from hate to kindness? ~ from take to giving
~ how do we make peace ~ in a world in such chaos? ~ a world who hates us

~ how do we create jobs ~ create opportunity? ~ give more a real chance
~ how do we help our poor ~ and empower them with jobs? ~ validate their worth
~ how do we advance ~ and reduce national debt? ~ commit for our kids


~ how do we make our ~ america great again? ~ what should WE all do?


~ Lately,  we have watched ~ Trump do and say things that feel ~ UN-America ~
~ just when we’re starting ~ to feel more comfortable ~ his words divide us ~
~ maybe  he wants this ~ to awaken an anger ~ aimed at more free press ~
~ reality shows ~ could learn a few things from trump ~ about incitement ~

~ I sense he believes ~ strength and resolve breed power ~ like the class bully ~
~ so when he berates ~ and insults his opponents ~ he’s lost more of u.s. ~
~ he keeps saying things ~ promoting mob violence ~ look what it’s causing ~
~ better to point out fears ~ expose the hidden hatred ~ then speak to heal it ~

~ if you really want ~ to be the unifier ~ say how you’d do it ~
~ I fear if you don’t ~ you’ll wake that sleeping giant ~ and it could hurt u.s.!
~ remaining hopeful ~ I still place my trust in u.s. ~ we still have power!
~ so here’s my question ~ can WE make america ~ great again? CAN WE?

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