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you walk on my geography

written by: joycejamie



This is a poem
about me and you
and the way you took
hold of me gently
and shook me out of
this stupid stupor.
This is a poem
about so many things,
because once upon a time,
there were a lot of things I felt,
and a lot of things I didn't feel,
and when I add those things up,
the thing I find is you.



JOYCEJAMIE is a queer introvert and author of "a field guide to getting found." She writes about bodies and weather and what it's like to exist in a loud world without disappearing.She is the co-founder and director of BLACK BEAR ||collective|| - an online literary magazine for the button-pushers. You can find her living in the Bay Area with her two badass partners and their ridiculously adorable dog.

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