Beyond Life And Love (Remembering Patrick Zulick) by Angie Brocker at

Beyond Life And Love (Remembering Patrick Zulick)

Beyond Life and Love

(Remembering Patrick Zulick)

written by: Angie Brocker



Don’t tell me it’s the end of our story
But this chapter brings tears to my eyes
Dripping on the pages we have written
Soaking in, blurring words, leaving me denied
For now I’ll share my thoughts with the sunshine
Heavy pages will someday dry
I will continue to write our story
Although you’re no longer by my side
My disjointed heart beats fast for two now
Since I still carry you with me
You promised a lifetime to hold onto
But I’m here holding tight to a dream
Unable to touch you, yet feeling you so close
Wanting to give up, give in or scream your name
It’s my struggle to find comfort in anger
And remember to love through the pain
May the memory of you stay by my side
While holding me close through each long night
I’ll begin each morning with a smile for you
When there’s darkness, you’ll forever be my light

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