Ursula (no. 58 of Women’s names sensual series), poetry by Carrie Magness Radna at Spillwords.com

Ursula (no. 58 of Women’s names sensual series)


(no. 58 of Women’s names sensual series)

written by: Carrie Magness Radna



Your mother named you
after the mighty spirit of a bear.
We barely saw you
before you able to stand—

Your mother is a strong woman,
they called her a witch,
your Dad is a true-blue
man of the Navy.

We wondered what happened to you,
dear girl; are you
a witch like your mother,
military like your father,
or are you your own person,
with your own life?

You should be 18 by now,
about to graduate.
Will you burst out the cave
of Choctaw, OK,
or will you dwell in
the dark forest forever?

I hope someday you
will be able to be seen,
safe from mediocrity,
not turned by tricksters
and charlatans,

able to roar deeply
using your own strong ideas
and inner beauty.



Was published in my first collection of poetry, “Hurricanes never apologize” (Luchador Press).

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