The Pains of Death written by Cindy Medina at

The Pains Of Death

The Pains of Death

written by: Cindy Medina



There shall come death’s pains as we are shunted into night
Souls aghast His outstretched hand back-lit by infernal light

forever He doth grimly prey
o’er trembling hearts hold sway
away, ebon-robed dread Foe!
who strikes us with confounded woe
is this truly a hopeless fate —
assigned cold plot, cemetery gate?

There shall come death’s pains as tears trickle coldly down
From milky eyes all luster gone, bright hopes long drowned

forever He doth grimly flit
a-back even heart gaily lit
mesmer dread, sad mortem game;
the vain stoutly refuse His name
most vibrant candle is snuffed
when Dread Lord whispers ‘enough’

There shall come ghastly pains as plucked souls gnash in vain
Grim Reaper, pitiless Gardener come; jaunty flower a memory stain

forever He doth grimly reap
deaf to every sigh and weep
the fanciful hope Fate to buck;
His laughter: ‘No such luck!’
all born doomed to certain Death
treasure now every dear breath.

Cindy Medina

Cindy Medina

Cindy is a published poet who writes an average of one poem per day. She's also written five novel-length stories, is working on two others, and hopes to be an author very soon. Cindy resides in the Desert Southwest of USA with D, her husband since 1993.
Cindy Medina

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