Cornered at



written by: Tanja Henderson



in the darkest corners
we meet
without knowing
we do

in the sunniest of days
we pass
being blinded
we miss

in the crowds
we’re lost
not recognising
we drift

in the winds
we fly
losing direction
we fall

in our thoughts
we dream
we fail

Tanja Henderson

Tanja Henderson

Artist Tanja Henderson started traveling with her husband just before the new millennium, leaving their good running photographic business.
They decided to spread their wings wide, and travelled to the southwest of the USA. Living on the road photographing all the souls they met, the earth they tasted and filling life with experiences.
Once Tanja got pregnant they built themselves a shelter in a semi-ghost town, and had a beautiful home delivery of their girl. But their cups were not filled yet and with the baby on the hip they traveled to the wilderness of Canada.
Surrounded by trees, snow, bears and mountain lions Tanja got pregnant a second time.
After a short stop in their home country, where at grandmas their boy came earth side, they went to Chile, with a baby, toddler, and no knowledge of the language. This is where they make home, schooling their kids, living off-grid, growing organically.
Tanja Henderson

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