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written by: Roland Juthman


15   OMG! OMG!
14   You are such a revelation!
13   How do you do it?!
12   OMG! OMG!
11   Could you do it again?
10   Were you expecting this?
9     How does it feel?
8     You’re everywhere, it must be amazing!
7     Let me look at you, such a marvel! Love the outfit!
6     How nice, such a talent.
5     What else can you do?
4     Do you feel you’re starting to repeat yourself?
3     Do you feel you’re repeating yourself?
2     Ah, could you do it again, no, no, that first thing?
1     Okay.
0     We’ll call you.

Roland Juthman

Roland Juthman

I write. Mostly poetry and short stories. Have an affinity for quick-fire poetry. I write to unlock, to uncover, and to find truths. That is also why I read. For a living, I work as an editor within the educational publishing industry.
Roland Juthman

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