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Shades of Dawn

written by: Vickie J. Litten


Sunday morning I forgot
and reached for you,
but found only cool sheets
and empty pillow.
The dream was so
deliciously real, awakening
so hard and cruel.
I curled tighter and
burrowed deeper into the cave
under the blanket,
holding on tight
to the pillow
and the warmth
quickly slipping
from my
awakening senses.
A shaft of light
fell across the bed
and I was awake,
to embrace the morning,
this glorious morning
that slowly brings me
one more day
closer to you.

Vickie J. Litten

Vickie J. Litten

Vickie J. Litten lives in South Florida with her husband, two sons, three grandchildren, her deaf dog and Savannah cat. She loves to write, and also enjoys art, photography, cooking and gardening.
Vickie J. Litten

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