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written by: Bayley Kelly


World War IV
Sergeant Jackson in the war
English army
Sent to France

French are taking over Europe
Already they have Germany and Spain
Both were weakened in World War III

Less ammo
Less money
Less soldiers

Sergeant Jackson’s squad
Stationed in Denmark
Awaiting the next strike
The next night

The French sneak up…

Sergeant Jackson and his squad wait
The French sneak up
He sleeps then he wakes
Hit in the head with a shot gun

He sleeps then he wakes
Locked in a prison camp in Germany

Tortured, whipped and punched
Sergeant Jackson is helped
Second Corporal Jones
Together they fight
Fight their way through the prison camp
Run from Frankfurt

To find Lewie Pippin
Leader of the French
Lewie Pippin
Who started the war

Sergeant Jackson and Corporal Jones escape
They have a plan; to kill Lewie Pippin
They take the train from Frankfurt to Bremen
Bremen, home of Lewie Pippin

Lewie Pippin the man who started the war
Sergeant Jackson shoots Lewie in the eye
Throws him in the river
But he is not dead

In an army retirement home some years later
Sergeant Jackson shares a room with Corporal Jones
Lewie Pippin has found them
Slit and shot
Revenge complete

Bayley Kelly

Bayley Kelly

Bayley Kelly is 10 years old. He loves to imagine post-apocalyptic worlds, criticise politicians and eat Italian food. Bayley also enjoys swimming, football and X-Box.
Bayley Kelly

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