Ghost Karma, poetry written by Bayley Kelly at

Ghost Karma

Ghost Karma

written by: Bayley Kelly


San Francisco, 1949
Tommy walks down his street
And is mugged by David Dex
Local criminal

Tommy tries to fight
David ran
Ran far away
Ran to his house

Tommy tried to get up
But realised he was dead

Tommy realised he was dead
He tried to get up
Tommy realised he was a ghost
He saw his dead body
On the ground

His ghost chased David
Followed him
Found his home
Tommy possessed David’s body
To make him miserable

Tommy possessed David’s body
And started shooting in the police precinct
Until the Chief sent police to shoot
He ran

Tommy possessed David’s body
And wrecked his home and beloved radio

Tommy possessed David’s body
And caused a car crash on Golden Gate Bridge
Eleven cars, five dead bodies

Tommy possessed David’s body
And ran to the docks, tried to escape

Tommy possessed David’s body
And was imprisoned for life in Alcatraz

Cell block 6
Prisoner 2259

Bayley Kelly

Bayley Kelly

Bayley Kelly is 10 years old. He loves to imagine post-apocalyptic worlds, criticise politicians and eat Italian food. Bayley also enjoys swimming, football and X-Box.
Bayley Kelly

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