3:30 a.m. written by Luiz Syphre at Spillwords.com

3:30 a.m.

3:30 a.m.

written by: Luiz Syphre



If your picture could talk, what would it say?

Would your splendor and elegance be shared in the heavens with your sweet voice? A mermaid’s song that would render all within shout powerless to you?

Would “Beautiful!” echo amongst Angels, like trumpets in prelude to a Queen?

Or would your picture whisper gently and softly in my ear, deafening me with the truth?

“I belong not to you but to another, yet my love is always your dominion.”

Your picture wouldn’t say a word…as perfection is self-evident and never in need to justify. Beyond and above mortal words, your perfection just is.

As sure as the sun rises every morning…
I know when I have found it.

Luiz Syphre

Luiz Syphre

I immigrated to the states from Mexico at age 12 and I quickly fell in love with poetry after my grandfather read some of his poems to me. However, at 18, I had a young family and that left very little time for this endevour as I started working to support us. I returned to adult school to finish my diploma. At that time I developed a severe depression that I still struggle with to this day, but I found it to be a great source of inspiration as well. Today I live in Los Angeles and I'm divorced. I have two children I see whenever possible and two adult kids. Both my Grandfather and his brother are award winning poets and journalists, with one, (Bartolome Delgado DeLeon) having a street, library and a prestigious national poet award in his honor.

Most of my pieces come from personal experience and true to me. Sometimes my material is raw, other times murdeous, and yet other times romantic, but always me, 100% authentic guaranteed.
Luiz Syphre

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