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written by: Phyllis P. Colucci



A lamp glows in a City Window
high above echoing traffic,
hidden by tall lurching trees…

The evening breeze taps at the windowsill
rushing past the open shade
There she sits in her lonely room
with dimpled smile; and memory fade
A cat nestled in her plump lap
A twinkle in her pale blue eyes
Frail fingers sweeping strands of grey
whimpering words and sullen sighs…
Her purring friend prances off to sleep
and meows a “good-night” along the way
But no other soul ever passes by
not for one minute in one day
Yet she glances out past the trees
still beckoning to passersby
But no one notices the elder one
again she hangs her head to cry

…and a lamp glows in a City Window
high above echoing traffic,
hidden by tall lurching trees


On "Aging":   Sadly, as we age, some may become lonely and forgotten. Always look out for the elderly - they have earned our respect. Aging is a physical process where the body changes, yet the mind and spirit fight to remain young. Hopefully, we may all be blessed with the gift of life/aging, as we too experience that process. xoxo

Phyllis P. Colucci

Phyllis P. Colucci

OCTOBER 2019 AUTHOR OF THE MONTH at Spillwords.com
I am a freelance / indie writer (fiction, poetry, blog), residing in Brooklyn, New York.
I retired from a Supervisory/Admin position with a Federal Law Enforcement agency in NYC, a few years back.
Presently, I am pursuing my passion for writing, and most of my writing has that New York edge.
Phyllis P. Colucci
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