A Memory written by Phyllis P. Colluci at Spillwords.com

A Memory

written by: Phyllis P. Colucci



Riding upon nocturnal breezes,
whirling wondrously; She came…

She stopped but for a moment,
to kiss the full moon with her silhouette;
As she danced so gracefully amidst the shining stars.

Pouring rain stained her veil,
and a whipping wind galloped through her golden hair.
It massaged her cheekbones
with abrasive hands
…While her onyx eyes sparkled – like two fireflies in the darkened night.

Her ruby lips sat upon her face,
and captured the moonlight like a precious gem.
And She came; riding upon nocturnal breezes,
whirling wondrously, again.
…and “He”- he slept in dreamlike joy,
with a flutter in his heart –
Just awaiting her return;
For too long, they were apart

…and through eerie darkness,
she flew across his floor.
She landed softly at his feet,
and stood before him, near the door!
She calmed his soul
with her enchanting flight…
Yet he remained in trance-like sleep, on this very night

Then she magically escaped the bonds
of her flowing white-silk gown,
And pressed her pale warm flesh
against his naked body…
She protected him with love and warmth,
as their souls met, once again;
But she left before he woke,
to spare him a “good-bye” and final end.

…the morning light came crashing through
the window in his room,
And brought that same strange silence
that pushed him to his ruin!

…He focused his weary eyes upon her smiling photograph –
Then hung his head and cried…



Poetry is “magic”, which travels from the written page into your heart.  It teases your soul, puts a smile upon your face, brings a tear to your eyes, cuddles you with love, and forever leaves you with a song upon your lips and a memory in your mind.  Poetry is “emotion” – which “magic” brings to life and heals the spirit.  Hope you enjoy the “Magic”.