A Moment Before Driving to Work, a poem by Tracee Clapper at Spillwords.com

A Moment Before Driving to Work

A Moment Before Driving to Work

written by: Tracee Clapper


Summer holds tight
in a final bid
to remain in season.

She sends heat,
sifting over my face
as I open the front door.

Grabbing binoculars,
I scan dawn light,
looking for birds.

High in the blue,
white-tip winged vultures
circle puffed popcorn clouds,

sun dapples pale-bellied kites
soaring above lush,
summer green tree lines.

I climb into my baking car,
blast the a/c and the radio
and head to an indoor job.

Tracee A. Claper

Tracee A. Claper

Tracee Clapper lives with her family in Charleston, SC. She spends time in and draws inspiration from nature. She's been published in The Blue Nib, Poppy Road Review and has an upcoming piece in Young Ravens Literary Review. She writes to heal her soul and those of anyone else within whom her work resonates.
Tracee A. Claper

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