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A Moth

written by: S. Thomas Summers



It has slipped, like a whisper,
through the open window,
waltzed about the room,

knitting its flight to the air
above the squat candles,
the open book rich with memory:

treasured acorns hoarded in paper bags,
lullabies hemmed to the breath
of sleeping children.

It will find its peace
on the white curtain
or on a tulip stem

resting in its vase
where its wings will flutter,
spark like a drop of rain

against a cold stone,
as I fill my lungs
with morning’s quiet.

S. Thomas Summers

S. Thomas Summers

S. Thomas Summers is a teacher/professor of writing, literature, and philosophy at Wayne Hills High School and Passaic County Community College, both in New Jersey. He is the author of two Pushcart nominated volumes of poetry, "Private Hercules McGraw" and "The Journals of Lt. Kendall Everly." Summers lives with his wife and son in the New Jersey Highlands.
S. Thomas Summers

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