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A New World

written by: Patrick Doran (The 50 Year Old Poet)


What if I do not wake up
in the morning?
What if it came calling without
any warning?
What would be left
in my wake?
Would people arrive to see what
they could take?
Would they be shocked to see
I was gone?
Or would they say they saw it
all along?
Would I be missed and hard
to replace?
Or is there someone waiting to
take my place?
What if I do not wake up
in the morning?
Do not weep for me, for a
new world is calling.

Patrick Doran

Patrick Doran

Patrick Doran, also goes by the pen name The 50 year old Poet.
I come from Wexford Ireland and I am a fan of formal and rhyming poetry especially Robert frost.
Patrick Doran

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