The Stage, a poem by Bozena Mazur-Nowak at
Antonio Molinari

The Stage

The Stage

written by: Bozena Helena Mazur-Nowak


You come upon the stage and
awkwardly take the first steps.
You learn diction, you play other roles.
For some you get applause – others go unnoticed
only the sufferer’s booth is empty.
No one will help you when you forget your lines,
you have to improvise, there is no understudy.
Failure is painful. No action can be repeated.
You always know that too late.
Someday you will fall asleep
and not wake up again,
that will be the last act of your role
and only the future will show
if a poster with your name
would be kept on the wall for posterity.

Only time will tell your truth.

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