Summery Scents, poetry written by Michael Ball at
Ryan Loughlin

Summery Scents

Summery Scents

written by: Michael Ball



Anxiety-free summer smells —
baby oil and Coppertone slime.
How amusing that the former
odor is surely more manly.

Clamber up the voyeur’s scaffold
a.k.a. lifeguard stand, to sit,
to see and even to be seen.
Long past, yet scents teleport me.

All of a sudden, I return
and I am back on the tall chair
complete with Acme Thurnderer
on a gimp lanyard hanging down,
ready to blow at miscreant
boys who would dunk sisters’ best friends.

Whiff of that baby oil, its nose
is strawberry Kool-Aid powder
cut with metallic iodine.
Summer aromas kidnap me.

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