A Poem in Which I Mourn a Friend, poetry by Fadairo Tesleem at Spillwords.com
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A Poem in Which I Mourn a Friend

A Poem in Which I Mourn a Friend

written by: Fadairo Tesleem



To the clarion call of death,
I know how reflexive you were,
If the dragon still lives,
The one that pronounced your death,
Let it film life & take it up,
So you’d see how your death –
watered every land with grief.

I passed through your grave after years,
& split at all that interlocked my view,
The land you were tucked into,
I cursed death too,
The doctor that confirmed your death,
& the lorry that conveyed your body.

The mischievous yells of ours reached the crown,
He asked if death has done beyond –
taking a soul and we said yes,
He’s parted a mother from her fruits/
A woman from her husband/
A cruel water has put off a fire amidst us.

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