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A Pound Of Cure

A Pound of Cure

written by: Maryanne Frederick



A woman is never the same
When a man leaves her-
It shows on her body.
She either gains weight
Or loses it.

As if each pound
And every ounce
Are badges of courage-
Stretch marks of how
Painful it is to grow.

Maryanne Frederick

Maryanne Frederick

Maryanne Frederick writes about the challenges women face as they learn to love first themselves and then finally that someone special. It's a journey worth taking.

Best day ever? Finding a comfortable boulder near a forest stream where she can write to her heart’s content. Of course, there would also be a hammock nearby, maybe a canoe... and Diet Pepsi. Must have Diet Pepsi.

Maryanne earned her bachelor's degree from the University of Illinois and her master's degree from Arizona State University.
Maryanne Frederick

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