A Prototype of Glory, a poem by Josh Pampam at Spillwords.com
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A Prototype of Glory

A Prototype of Glory

written by: Josh Pampam



look at the obsidian
in the rare touch of light,
the mid-month moon
in the depth of the night;

look at the garden
in her summery dress,
and sniff the scent of grapes
in a winepress.

before you look at her —
a goddess in human form,
whom with her person
moves ‘midst storm.

her smiles
that slight sorrow from miles,
her poise
that freezes men’s heart of choice,
and the well-wreathed words
that boom out of her mouth —

Makes me call her,
“A Prototype Of Glory.”

Josh Pampam

Josh Pampam

Josh Pampam is a spoken word poet, a stylist and a saxophonist from the beautiful city of Ota in Ogun state, Nigeria. An aspiring student whose poems have been featured in magazines, poetry chapbooks, anthologies and also who has won accolades at every point of his writing career. He started out as a Gospel spoken word artist and moved on to writing poems of different forms by the influence of his poetry mentor and model Samantha Beardon from the UK. If Josh is not writing poems, he is reciting them. His aim is to be a renowned poet, both in his community and in the world.
Josh Pampam

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