Hues of Nature, poetry by Shraddha S Sahu at
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Hues of Nature

Hues of Nature

written by: Shraddha S Sahu


Those vermilion shaded clouds
And the waves of the sea…
I on a lonely island
Witnessing the end
Of the parting day…
Leaving only traces of memories
gradually fading in the hues…

Night approaches to sing her glory
An enchantress with her dark tresses
With her silver ball with mysterious marks
Hiding herself in star embedded veil
She casts magic and all repose
To open their eyes in the dream world
Vanishing images in dramatic sequence
Suppressed desires and unfulfilled wishes
Weave the cinematic effects;
all look real…


A golden star opens its eyes bringing a smile
On visage of the earth…
Life again opens its petals and bloom
To spread its fragrance in this world

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