Thirsty Lips, poetry by Shraddha S Sahu at
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Thirsty Lips

Thirsty Lips

written by: Shraddha S Sahu



Freedom that appears on the surface
Is tied with invisible chains…
There is an assumed tranquillity on the sea’s bosom
While the sea itself is disturbed with torrid currents…
The earth is tilted; the wounds are deep
Dancing men on harvest will never feel
The unheard shrieks…

The river flows quenching the thirst of civilization
Soothing is the flow but scars remain unseen
left on the crest of rocks

Smile that wins the heart of desperate souls
Hides the dark blemishes on the conscience
Sweetest, I abhor but bravest I prefer
For curving thirsty lips to smile
When life constantly suffers
Thunderbolts of Time…

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