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written by: Shraddha S Sahu



Sometimes you appear as snow clad mountains
Sometimes cottony flakes just scattered on the azure face

Sometimes frozen pieces floating on the sound lake
Remembrance of water drops condensed to multiply God’s grace

Sometimes some shapes appearing and dissolving
Two separated souls are there to be lost in each other’s embrace

A conspiracy of nature to hide the sun’s glowing face
Or an umbrella to cool the parched earth from Helio’s rage

You hover as an army of soldiers marching in a parade
Or sometimes floating as to vanish the unpleasant trace

Playing hide and seek with the moon in the dark
Sometimes in a hasty moves the massy giants float

What a glory that fades when one goes nearer to a mysterious shape
Your presence from a distance made the poet like me fascinated

Sometimes you are tired and rest on hills crest
Sometimes pass through wanderers with just a moist touch

Paying the debt of earth you are dissolved
To form a new entity when earth is parched…

Grave like a mystic and vagrant like lovers
Whosoever you are I’m your great admirer!!

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