Visions via Frosted Mirror, a haibun by Gerry Stefanson at
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Visions via Frosted Mirror

Visions via Frosted Mirror

written by: Gerry Stefanson


weighty heart
of childhood

Stockings, yeah that was where the magic lived.
lights were wonderful as so the parade down Main Street
school recitals everyone managed to attend a church thing

the year we “all” picked the tree big brother held me by my ankles
dunked me into a deep cardboard box, to grasp last of the ornaments
Bing sang us out as we rocked around the Christmas tree

the never-ending parade of aunts uncles cousins
well-wishers neighbours passers-by
they all left a little magic in our home

stacks of gifts some artfully wrapped by loving hands
fruit cakes baking dinner parties
sister brought baby and husband /brother brought a new wife

Yule Eve with dad’s crew then Christmas Day with mom’s horde each had the magic
boxing day ah! I opted to hang out alone as a kid, play with new things – yet savour the
day/season/everything/everyone as if I held the knowledge that it could all end

Stockings on Christmas morning – that’s where the magic lived – then spilled on us.

fairly fell to floor
with box inverted
last of waiting joy

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