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A Restless Cut

written by: Rando Mithlo



Pour rain down your arms
To dry you duck in here
Something to sip, you hide behind
I feel your mile stare
We could say what we think
Needn't cover mouths to speak
What wakes to enchant
To surface from beneath
No need to explain
Fine words crudely arranged
Painting over the rust
With lies white I’d trust

Overthought, my fault
Handing you salt, spilled
Fingers brush, scatter down
Into a restless cut

In your secrets vault
What thoughts avoided
Light of all that's within
Darkly goes unescorted
Stirring your melting ice
Slow so tasteful good
Your gaze persuade, relent
So verily cool
When leaving this cover
Thrown back to the rain
Eyes interpret all of this
Yet still we’ll part ways

Rando Mithlo

Rando Mithlo

-Artist and Writer from Los Angeles currently living in Indiana- the bulk of my writings are short stories and poems that deal with a range of subjects including: emotional distress, strange happenings, thrillers and suspensestories.
Rando Mithlo

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