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A Special Lady

a special lady

written by: Tinashe Muza


She was the first I saw
I am because she is
No one in the world can replace her
Where in the world would I go without her?
I close my eyes and reminisce
A smile forms on my face
Tranquility and happiness pervade my heart
Like a sculpture she molded who people say I am
She screamed in anguish for me
Sometime later her name was my first word
‘mama’ I said with a smirk
Amicably gazing straight into my eyes, she smiled back
Yes, a special Lady she is
A significant figure in life
A king among pawns
Oxygen among humans
A cub rushes to its mother when trouble arrives
She roars majestically chasing away that causing
her child to feel vulnerable
Love, affection, care, just, firmness is her foundation
I love her because she is love

Love you mom



Mothers are like opportunities, they come once in  a life time

Tinashe Muza

Tinashe Muza

A medical student, born and raised in Zimbabwe, Harare who wishes to advance his studies into oncology but also finding himself gallivanting in the world of poetry.
Tinashe Muza

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