A Young Legend written by Tinashe Muza at Spillwords.com

A Young Legend

a young legend

written by: Tinashe Muza


How small it is, but how significant it can be
If a book is to be judged by its cover then how
can you tell the veiled secret behind
How large it can be, but how small it is
The truth surrounds us
Lies also do surround us
There he stands prominent, but how unnoticeable he is
He shatters like glass gradually because of those remarks he endures
Being the worst
Can result in being the best
Because all it takes is a test
To prove you’re the best
Disdain remarks are the keys to the door of success
Mockery, scorn, contempt, derision all turn into esteem
A young legend is what you have become
Reverence and formidableness is what shows when you gaze into a mirror
The greatest is what you have become

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