Visions Of U written by Cristina Munoz at

Visions Of U

Visions Of U

written by: Cristina Munoz



since you told me you’re finally over
being in love with your straight girl
after the confusing thrill it gave me
i can’t stop thinking about you
you’ve taken over my imagination
infiltrated my thoughts totally
especially in the evenings

on the edge of sleep
as my mind shifts suddenly
i hear your husky laughter
like a warm melody on repeat,
summoning up sultry visions of you
underneath my sheets now covering me,
your breath ragged against my throat.
of me over my sheets now covering you,
my breath ragged along your spine,
our fingers entwined knuckle tight
until i don’t know anymore
where my body begins
or yours ends

these sexual fantasies make no sense
when i said i may be falling for a close friend
she keeps saying let’s see what happens
of course this means nothing ever will
we don’t want to destroy our friendship
plus she’s right i’m not ready for a relationship
maybe i’m mistaking intimate affection for love?
as along with being completely irresistible
i only have passionate visions of you.

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