Across The Aisle, a poem by Joseph Mannino at

Across The Aisle

Across The Aisle

written by: Joseph Mannino


Right here and now at this place in time
We come to a scene quite surreal
Searching for somewhere to pin this crime
With no care for how others may feel

Sprung from bowels of misconception
Awash in the pettifog of war
Rung bells of intended deception
At such levels never heard before

And there amidst the calamity
Two embittered old friends still remain
Bound to concede to insanity
Rather than listen to the refrain

Of the voices gathering outside
Calling for cooler heads to prevail
Because the stubborn stalwart of pride
Equanimity is bound to fail

You see, I am not just some blue guy
And you are not, in fact, painted red
It’s these labels that we sell and buy
That say far less than we’ve ever said

I know your life like I know my own
Where you came from and where you will go
Though time has passed and we now have grown
There’s still common ground for us to sow

I remember how you used to be
Another lost soul riddled with grief
There at the turn of the century
When a dream could outpace a belief

Spending every day with each other
We shared a strong yet uncommon bond
Each undeniably, a brother
Never glimpsing what lies just beyond

Many miles and years have long since passed
And our lives, once again, have been crossed
Living outside the other one’s caste
Never knowing what each of us lost

So you lay down your insurrection
And I’ll forestall a harsh conclusion
We can still salvage our connection
Building bridges towards inclusion

Though peace seems unlikely in the end
I’m committed to summon a smile
For you, my dearly forsaken friend
I’d happily reach across the aisle

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