Silent Words, a poem written by Brad Osborne at
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Silent Words

Silent Words

written by: Brad Osborne


They are unspoken in every wanting glance
Adoration and longing
Conveyed in soft hands clasped in romantic dance
Sensed in truly belonging

A hand that brushes away each saddened tear
A moment of compassion
Shared strength that bolsters against your greatest fear
A safe and loving bastion

Each soft, gentle kiss upon your blushing cheek
Emotions in testament
Every kindness given without need to seek
Feelings cast in firmament

The laughter laughed in the company of friends
Uproarious connection
Loving hand cupping face and the warmth it sends
Untold psalms of affection

Yet in the moments when love is left unsaid
Heartfelt words left unspoken
It is these silent words which ring in our head
Actions echoed unbroke



If a picture paints a thousand words, it is the hand, not the brush, that is speaking.

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