Black is Not Sad, poetry by Paul Jude Maximilian at
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Black is Not Sad

Black is Not Sad

written by: Paul Jude Maximilian


I do not deserve to be hunted
nor met with pitiful glances everywhere I go
because I am black.

I am black
and it is not a crime,
neither is it
a death sentence.

The colour of my skin
does not automatically decide my fate
nor map out my path in life.

I will not hide in the dark
neither will I fade into the night
because I am black.

I will withstand the pain
and swim bravely against the currents of racism.
Life may brand me as a terrorist, an illiterate or someone inferior
but I refuse to be defined by labels.

Injured by fate and destiny
Judged by my own brothers and sisters
I refuse to be a failure
I will not cower away or back down.

They want to see me broken
with my head bowed in despair
and my back against the wall
in shame and defeat.

I will write my name in the books of history
with my sweat and toil
I refuse to be condemned to the path
society has laid out for me.

I am courageous
I am a winner
I am destined for greatness
I am happy
and yes, I am black.

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