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Black is Not Sad

Black is Not Sad

written by: Paul Jude Maximilian


I do not deserve to be hunted
nor met with pitiful glances everywhere I go
because I am black.

I am black
and it is not a crime,
neither is it
a death sentence.

The colour of my skin
does not automatically decide my fate
nor map out my path in life.

I will not hide in the dark
neither will I fade into the night
because I am black.

I will withstand the pain
and swim bravely against the currents of racism.
Life may brand me as a terrorist, an illiterate or someone inferior
but I refuse to be defined by labels.

Injured by fate and destiny
Judged by my own brothers and sisters
I refuse to be a failure
I will not cower away or back down.

They want to see me broken
with my head bowed in despair
and my back against the wall
in shame and defeat.

I will write my name in the books of history
with my sweat and toil
I refuse to be condemned to the path
society has laid out for me.

I am courageous
I am a winner
I am destined for greatness
I am happy
and yes, I am black.

Paul Jude Maximilian

Paul Jude Maximilian

I am a writer, a poet and a content creator. I am a citizen of Nigeria and I am 20 years of age. I was was born in Ibadan, a state in Nigeria and have lived in Nigeria all my life. I am currently studying Petroleum engineering in a prestigious Nigerian university, University of Ibadan. I first started writing poems as a means of escape from the real world, but later got hooked and delved further into the world of poetry. As someone who intends to make an impact on the world through poetry, I strive to make myself heard, moving forward diligently. I am a talented writer who finds himself in writing. I also sometimes draw inspiration from poets like Maya Angelou and Robert Frost. I enjoy writing poems in both rhyme and free verse forms. I also enjoy trying alternate forms of poetry like haiku and limerick. I also enjoy writing about human nature and issues about humans. I do consider myself to be a versatile writer. My hobbies include reading books and novels. I particularly enjoy crime and thriller novels. Some of my favorite writers are John Grisham, Mary Higgins Clark, Sidney Sheldon, Stephen King, Lee child and Rick Riordan.
Paul Jude Maximilian

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